Today AFIS bins are located in 70,000 locations nationwide, in all prefectures without exception, already exceeding the goal of 10,000 bins that was set to cover. In detail, 10,600 bins are located in Municipalities, Communities, Public bodies, Military Units, etc. 14,400 in educational institutions, 17,600 in businesses, (Hospitals, Banks, Hotels, Industries, Commercial companies, etc.) in all supermarket chains, in all telecommunications stores, as well as in 17,700 commercial stores with electrical / electronic goods, photographic items, batteries, etc. The number of bins that have been installed to date shows a very optimistic picture for our country compared to corresponding European agencies that have started recycling programs before Greece and puts us in second place in Europe (in absolute terms numbers) after Germany. Greece is by far the first in terms of bin installations per capita with 6.2 bins per thousand inhabitants, when the average of the European Union is 1.8 bins per thousand inhabitants.