Our team

  • These form the basis of the culture of the people at AFIS and are the driving force of all our collaborations, events and actions.
  • Sincere commitment to the Environment and combating greenwashing
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Non-negotiable Integrity and Transparency in everything we do.
Our team
Our team

CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors Ioannis Lazaridis

For us, a battery is not just a battery. We look beyond the everyday collection. We envision a world where battery recycling is not just an action for a cleaner environment or a necessary accessory but a revolutionary force driving sustainability and innovation in battery processing. We exist to unlock the battery's full potential by turning it into a powerful, sustainable resource capable of boosting social well-being while the planet recovers.

For a healthier and better planet.

No battery is wasted!

Network AssociateDora Gavou

At our company, recycling portable batteries is more than just an obligation - it's a step towards a more sustainable and healthy environment.

Together, we can create a better tomorrow, protecting our planet and giving meaning to the term 'recycling'.

Communications AssociateSalomi Diakrousi

From 2004 until today, AFIS has remained committed to its work and action. It envisages being a solvency model and aims to optimise its resources for environmental protection and the Circular Economy. At the same time, it is committed to continuous investment in innovative technologies that will meet its operational goals and the adopted standards of quality and environmental reliability.

Associate of Administrative & Financial Services Niki Katsiou

I’m only one person. I can't make the difference

Said 8 billion people

Most of us spend much of our lives searching for a purpose that fulfils and completes us personally – and ideally intellectually. We are all part of the solution, no matter how much or how little we participate, and a little is always many times better than nothing!

Digital MarketingLydia Alaiadi

To recycle our batteries is a straightforward move but with great importance. At AFIS, we prioritise the correct collection and recycling of batteries to achieve the company's purpose and to set an example of how recycling should be done correctly.

Being part of a team with that attitude and not afraid to dream and hope is a real privilege.