Battery Importers & Producers

  • All companies that produce or import portable batteries, pursuant to Law 2939/2001 and Presidential Decree 115/2004, are required to organize individual systems or participate in Collective Systems for the Alternative Management of Portable Batteries.

Any natural or legal person who violates the provisions of Law 2939 and Presidential Decree 115 (has not organized or does not participate in an approved Alternative Management System) is subject under Articles 20 and 14 respectively to criminal, civil and administrative penalties and the distribution of its products she is not legal.

At the same time, it is pointed out that based on article 10, par. b of the P.D. 115 batteries and accumulators that are not part of an Alternative Management System are prohibited from being traded on the market.

The following file lists the Battery Importers in Greece with an active contract with us:


  • The company AFIS, from the initials “Recycling of Portable Electric Batteries” is a non-profit company, which was licensed by the Ministry of Energy (Government Gazette 1056B/14.7.2004) for the collection and recycling of portable batteries. In 2012, the license of AFIS was renewed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Below you will find the recent license renewal of AFIS, the ISO certificates, as well as the Environmental Policy:




AFIS Environmental Policy