Law 4819/No. Sheet 129/23-07-2021

Based on Law 2939/2001 (Government Gazette 179/6.8.2001) on alternative management of packaging and other products all companies that import, produce and sell packaged products as well as other products such as batteries, accumulators, electrical and electronic devices on the Greek market, vehicle tires etc. are obliged to take care of their collection and recycling.

Alternative management defines the operations of collection, transport, transshipment, temporary storage, reuse and utilization of used products so that they return to the market stream.

The basic principles governing alternative management include:

A) The principle of preventing the generation of waste by reducing its total volume and its hazardous components as well as the reuse or recovery of the materials that make it up.

B) The principle of the polluter’s responsibility

C) The principle of responsibility of all involved economic factors, public and private.

D) The principle of user and consumer information and their contribution to alternative management programs.





The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications informs that, pursuant to Law 2939/2001 (Government Gazette 179A/06.08.2001) and PD 115/2004 (Government Gazette 80A/03.05.2004), businesses (mandatory administrators) which:

(i) manufacture portable batteries and accumulators or those whose brand name appears on the final product

(ii) import portable batteries and accumulators

organized and participate in the collective system of alternative management of portable batteries and accumulators with the distinctive title C.S.A.M.P.E.C. SA which was approved with the no. 106155/7.7.2004 Decision of the Minister of PECHODE (Government Gazette 1056B/14.07.2004).

August 1, 2004, is the starting date of the financial obligations of the liable managers to the C.S.A.M.P.E.C., regardless of the date of their participation in the System.

It is pointed out that any natural or legal person who violates the provisions of Law 2939/2001 and PD 115/2004 (has not organized or does not participate in an approved alternative management system) is subject to criminal civil and administrative penalties based on articles 20 and 14 respectively and the distribution of its products is not legal.

The Joint Ministerial Decision 41624.2057.E103/2010 (Government Gazette 1625B/11-10-2010) aims to establish measures for the management of batteries and accumulators that meet the objectives and general principles of Law 2939/2001 and Directive 2006/66 of the European Union, in order to achieve more effectively for human health and the environment the priority prevention of the creation of waste batteries and accumulators and their further utilization.

KYA 41624.2057.E103/2010 records the terms and conditions for the operation of alternative battery management systems as well as the general directions of alternative management programs and measures aimed at:

  • In the prevention and limitation of harmful effects on the environment.
  • Reducing the risk of batteries and accumulators in terms of their heavy metal content.
  • Reduction of used batteries and accumulators in household waste
  • Promotion of the utilization – recycling of used batteries and accumulators.
  • Information and awareness of the end user.
  • Instructions for the separate collection, temporary storage and transport of used batteries.
  • Achieving the collection targets of 25% by weight of portable batteries and accumulators traded in Greece in the last three years until 26/9/2012 and 45% by weight of portable batteries and accumulators traded in Greece in the last three years until 26/9/2016.

Finally, KYA 41624.2057.Ε103/2010 lists the obligations of producers, importers and recyclers of E.S. as well as alternative management systems.

  • From 01/01/2021 the management of portable batteries and accumulators that are integrated in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) is included in the Collective Alternative Management System of AFIS. By joining AFIS, full coverage will be provided to EEE producers in terms of their obligations under current Greek and European legislation for integrated portable columns and accumulators. AFIS will be responsible for the environmentally sound management and recycling of WEEE (Waste Portable Electric Batteries and Accumulators) through its infrastructure.

For the implementation of the inclusion of integrated portable IS&S in AFIS from 01/01/2021, as well as of individual portable IS&S and your coverage as an obligee against the current legislation, you are required to take the following actions:

  • If you are already a member of AFIS, please sign the attached contract ANNEX in duplicate and send it to us for signature by our company as well. One signed copy will be returned to you for your records.


  • If you are a new member of AFIS as a producer of EEE with integrated portable batteries and accumulators, please sign the attached cooperation agreement in duplicate and send it to us for signature by our company. One signed copy will be returned to you for your records.


*Electronic signatures are also accepted.