International experience has shown that recycling and environmental protection in general is a matter of education and culture. That is why it is considered to be of crucial importance that the education and mobilization of children starts from Primary education, in an experiential and interactive way.

In the context of education and awareness regarding battery recycling, with the aim of creating social awareness among children for a better and healthier environment, the AFIS company in collaboration with the Earth Organization intends to hold a school competition for Primary school students, future adults of this planet, ages 7-12.

This competition will be held in Primary schools (public and private), nationwide, with students from 1st to 6th grades and the same terms and conditions will apply to all (primary) schools interested in participating.

Purpose of the competition:

The purpose of the program is to catch the attention of the students and to motivate them so that they understand the importance of separate collection and recycling of batteries, thus strengthening the environmental awareness of the school community and its awareness of recycling. Through actions, students will be informed about the process and benefits of battery recycling and the benefit it entails for the Environment, Public Health, Climate Change as well as the association with the Circular Economy.

How to participate & Evaluation:

In the context of the competition and regarding the participation in it, the students, in collaboration with their teachers, are invited to collect the empty batteries from their homes and place them in the special AFIS bin that they will find at their school. Once the contents of the bin exceed half its height, the weight of batteries collected will be counted and the schools with the most weight collected will win a prize.

Every time the contents of the bin exceeds half its height, the school manager is asked to contact the AFIS organization through the digital platform ( to empty and weigh the bin. The licensed collector-partner of AFIS visits the school to empty and weigh the bin within 3-4 working days.

The school continues to refill the AFIS bin while the competition is in effect. AFIS updates the total weight of the collected batteries and at the end of the competition issues a certificate of total collection.

All Primary Education schools (private and public) can participate.

Application Submission:

  • Filling out a form from each school that wishes to take part in the competition, for a declaration of participation on the AFIS website (the website is under construction)
  • A necessary condition for the school to have the AFIS bin. If he does not have one, he can submit the relevant request for a free bin through the link below.

Competition duration:

The contest will be valid for six months from October 2021 to May 15, 2022. The winners will be announced by the second week of June.

Additional benefits for students from their school’s participation in the AFIS competition:

  • Understanding and motivating students for their contribution to the protection of the Environment, Public Health as well as Climate Change through recycling and reuse.
  • To combine recycling techniques with environmental protection.
  • To apply the principles of recycling in everyday life for the greater benefit of society.
  • To realize how crucial for recycling is the participation of every member of the school, family, etc.
  • The diverse and colorful appearance of the batteries arouses the interest of children and through their active participation in the program they can be a source of pressure both for their parents and for the wider family and friendly environment.
  • To be the representatives of the positive message of recycling and to encourage the feeling of volunteerism in the students.

Participation in the competition:

Participation in the AFIS competition takes place at the Primary school level and is optional. In order for the school’s participation to be valid, there is a necessary condition for the school that wishes to participate to and to fill out the online participation form with all relevant, mandatory fields.

In the event that a school wishes to participate and does not already have a special AFIS bin, it will be required to submit the relevant request for a free bin.

Evaluation of participations:

The evaluation of the participations in the competition concerns quantitative criteria. More specifically and for reasons of fair evaluation of the schools, below we list the division, based on the population of children per school as follows:

a) Category: Schools with 1-100 children,

b) Category: Schools with 101-200 children

c) Category: Schools with 201-300 children

d) Category: Schools with 301-500 children

e) Category: Schools with 500+ children.


GRAND PRIZE: Construction of a recycled rubber floor (max. 80 sq.m. per winner) for 5 schools (one from each category).

2nd PRIZE: Remodeling of a school room (laptop, wall screen, projector, microphone & speakers).

MEMORIAL PRIZE (for winning schools): in each school category, whichever school comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th all their students will win a recycling encouragement t-shirt.

Five (5) schools (1 from each category) that will have collected the largest weight of empty batteries by April 15, 2022, per category, will be the five grand winners, who will receive the grand prize.

Accordingly, five (5) schools (1 from each category) that will have taken the second place respectively in the counting of the category they belong to (until April 15th), will receive the gift of remodeling a school room.


It is noted that the competition is not connected to the creation of individual or collective works of any form which are the subject of intellectual property and for this reason Law 2121/1993 “Intellectual property, related rights and cultural issues” does not apply in this case [Government Gazette 25 /A/04-03-1993].