The new AFIS campaign on excuses has been seen around the city with bus, radio and TV ads and has even reached the big screen in collaboration with Village Cinemas. To launch the campaign, we organised a battery recycling awareness event – Δ-disco Party, in December, attended by company members and partners, as well as personalities of the artistic and journalistic scene of Athens, to remind us that there is no excuse not to recycle batteries.

The campaign was inspired by the research we carried out in the spring of last year, where we found that the most significant percentage of people who do not recycle batteries or do not recycle often give various excuses, one of which is that there is no AFIS bin near them. With that in mind, we decided that the message we will focus on in our next campaign will be about excuses, as we give them the solution, with references to the 70,000 AFIS collection points and our electronic maps at

Our first ad cites alien abduction as an excuse, as only something so unreal, strange, and bizarre would have to happen for someone not to recycle batteries. Filming took place in September 2023, and the campaign’s launch was marked by unique radio announcements, buses dressed in excuses, posters on trains, podcast mentions, cinema ads, and the space disco party.

The D-isco party took place at Cinderella in Kolonaki on December 17 to raise public awareness and promote our new campaign. This was followed by interviews and videos with celebrities and influencers who gave us their perspective on battery recycling, photos with AFIS members and partners; the thank you speech from AFIS Marketing, Lydia Alaiadi, and some of our favourite 80s tracks.

Welcoming the new year, the excuses continue to become more and more unusual, as seen in our second ad and social media campaign. We are prepared to celebrate the new year, which marks the Company’s 20th birthday, without any excuses and many more ways to inspire the young and the old to adopt a greener lifestyle and recycle their batteries!