AFIS SA conducts an open tender, with an invitation for expressions of interest with the aim of cooperation and the conclusion of a two-year contract for the provision of advertising, communication planning & promotion services, as well as the implementation of a new advertising campaign that will include communication and creative proposals above and below the line. AFIS wishes to raise awareness and activate the public to increase the collection and recycling rates of Electric Batteries & Accumulators.

Current Situation

In our country, the majority of citizens refrain from participating in the recycling of portable batteries. In fact, to absolve themselves from the consequences of not recycling, the public resort to numerous excuses, such as: “I don’t have time”, “I forget”, “I store them for a long time”, “I don’t know where to recycle” , “I don’t believe in recycling”. Of course, the public is aware of the benefits of recycling portable batteries, with first and foremost the reasons for the protection of the environment and human health and then the avoidance of explosions & fires (danger), while the contribution to the circular economy is ignored. It is worth noting, however, that a fixed percentage of the public, which is estimated at around 30% of the population, always recycles its used batteries, always finding an AFIS bin to dispose of them (70,000 collection points throughout Greece). In the field of recycling, the recognition of the AFIS brand is Top of Mind with a rate of over 80% in Prompt awareness. Regarding the operation of the system, it is perceived by the citizens and the partners involved as the most effective.


As a result, the target of the next campaign is considered to be the public that is positive towards the recycling of portable batteries, but omits to discard them in the AFIS bins, and at the same time the public that is skeptical about the process of recycling them.

Target group

Adults aged 18-45 nationwide (core)


The object of the competition is the development of the communication strategy, design and presentation of creative proposals and concepts, creation, and production of advertising material to promote the purposes of AFIS. The tender does not include planning & buying media (media shop) services.

Specifically, the development of the communication strategy, the production of the TV spot and OUTDDOR visuals of AFIS must have been implemented within one month from the time of the assignment of the project and the signing of the relevant contract.


2.1 Advertising Companies with at least 3 years of experience in the Creative Agency market are eligible to participate in the Competition.

2.2 The participants in the competition must send their offer by post in a usb in a closed envelope to the offices of AFIS SA (54 PENDELIS AVENUE, Attn. Niki Katsiou) until 28/01/2022 and 2:00 p.m. (deadline date).


The fee for advertising services is up to €200,000, not including taxes.


The tender envelope must include:

  1. Strategy
  2. Communication direction
  3. Creative proposals & concepts
  4. Estimated cost

Offers that do not include the above will be rejected.

Compatible areas of communication will be derived from synthesizing and identifying insights that can be extracted from, among others:

  • On-line desk research
  • Quantitative mini survey (e.g. using Survey/Monkey software)


After the selected advertising companies have been informed by 28/01/2022,

will be invited to present their proposals on 9/2/2022. Their presentation, lasting 1 hour, will take place online or in person at AFIS offices.


Bids are valid and binding on bidders for ninety (90) days from the closing date for submission of bids.


The selection of the Contractor will be made by AFIS S.A. after an overall assessment of the bid file, which must include the items mentioned in section 4. A two-year cooperation agreement will be signed between AFIS and the Contractor. Payment of the Contractor’s invoices will be made by deposit to his Bank Account, within 60 days from the end of the month of issue of the relevant invoice, with the exception of the cost of producing television or radio spots.


In the context of this Contest, AFIS, as the Processor, may collect personal data of the participants and their partners, such as identity information, contact information, VAT number, professional activity information, which are necessary for the contest. AFIS takes all the necessary measures and takes care of the legitimate and legal collection and processing of personal data as well as their safe keeping in accordance with the provisions of the General Personal Data Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the more specific regulatory framework of its application , preserving the privacy and confidentiality of any information that comes to its knowledge.

Contest participants declare that they have been informed a) of the registration of their personal information, and the details of the file that they will present as part of their participation in the contest in a file that will be kept with them, b) of their processing, in accordance with provisions of the legislative and regulatory framework regarding the protection of personal data, as applicable from time to time, by AFIS and/or by third parties that cooperate with it for the conduct of the Competition, exclusively and solely for the purpose of the (Competition), as well as c ) for publicizing the result of the competition. The participants in the competition undertake the responsibility that, in relation to the third-party data contained in the nomination file, they have ensured compliance with the provisions of the current legal framework, especially with regard to informing and securing the consent of the subjects.

AFIS may use the personal information to communicate with the participants in the Contest and inform them about issues related to it as well as to submit potential cooperation proposals to them. The data in question may be transmitted within the framework of the Competition and to third parties cooperating with AFIS, to the extent that this is necessary in the context of the Competition for purposes linked exclusively to the processing of the Competition, such as indicatively to lawyers, company consultants, IT managers, supervising Public Authority (Hellenic Recycling Organization EOAN). AFIS maintains and processes the personal data of the participants during the Competition and after its completion for the period defined by the applicable legal and regulatory framework.

Finally, after verifying their identity, participants have the right to access their personal data, the right to request the correction of any inaccurate personal data or their completion, as well as, if the conditions of the regulatory framework are met, to exercise the rights: deletion, restriction of processing, portability of their data, opposition to their processing, as well as ensuring human intervention in automated procedures.

The personal data provided to AFIS in the context of this will not be used for commercial purposes, for sending advertising material, for conducting market research or for interactive commercial communication.

In order to exercise their above rights, participants may submit their request in writing to the person in charge of Processing AFIS A.E – LEOF. PENDELIS 54 – PC 15235 – VRILISSIA – TEL. 2108030244, 2108030355, email: