With the transition to “Circular Economy Communities” as a common denominator, AFIS participates in the European Waste Reduction Week with its action on Waste Sorting and Recycling. The Hellenic Recycling Organization (EOAN) is the national coordinator of the actions, which are carried out through the European platform EWWR #EWWR2021 #EWWR_gr #circularcommunities

With its participation, AFIS aims to highlight the recycling of portable batteries as a major issue, as not recycling them affects both the environment and human health. If batteries are not recycled, the fate of the toxic substances they contain is unfortunately polluting the environment and harmful to human health, since they travel through the food chain, causing the phenomenon of bioaccumulation within the human body.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FviPW8hT8eE